And what will be next?

We have missed out the Road-Trip in year 2015, because of Robo's and Zuzka's wedding, so the finances got some other way then for travelling.

We were planning Road-Trip in year 2016 by travelling to the Saint Petersburg in order to see some games during Ice Hockey World Championship 2016, but there were quite bad possibilities for travelling to Russia and to buy tickets. These high costs let us realize that we will not gonna make a trip this year. Besides this Lukáš was planning his wedding too, so finances for that year were used for the same purpose as Robo the previous one.

In 2017 we were travelling to the Ice Hockey World Championship in Cologne. Unfortunately we were travelling not by a car but with plane. And we were without Lukáš, so the Jägermeister friends were not complete. That's why this one was not provided under the Jägermeister caps.

In 2018 we could go to another Ice Hockey World Championship in Copenhagen, but some of us had serious budget issues. So the trip was cancelled only few months before beginning.

If we found some sponsor, you can be sure there will be no problem to make another Road-Trip this year too. But this is how the things are now.

In any case we are not finished with travelling and Road-Trips.

But it is quite possible that it will be with motorhome again. There is nothing better than travel around the world and sleep in the bed, not in the tent.